Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners


With the summer already upon us, and the economy hitting us hard, many are looking for cheaper cooling systems for their homes and offices. While centralized air conditioners are becoming lesser and lesser attractive given their increasing costs, portable air conditioners are beginning to sell like cold drinks on a hot summer evening. Now what exactly are these portable air conditioners? They consist of a single unit that contains both the heat rejecting and the cooling components, and pushes out the heat through a hose attached to the air conditioner. This type of air conditioner can be moved about with the help of its attached wheels, and is one of the most economical options available. Recent advancements in the field of air conditioning has brought out ways to reduce the noise of these portable air conditioners significantly, and have also reduced their prices even further. Typically a unit of portable air conditioner comes at less than half the price of a similar capacity centralized air conditioner. If you are confused and unable to decide which way to go, here are the top 5 advantages of a portable air conditioner that will blow your mind.  1) Cost. As already said, the numero uno attraction of a portable air conditioner is its reasonable cost. Portable air conditioners are available at prices almost half as that of their centralized air conditioners of similar capacity.   2) Installation. Portable air conditioners are easy to install with no hassels, and require absolutely no technical knowledge.   3) Efficiency. Portable air conditioners are much more energy efficient than the other types of air conditioners because they are a single unit, and hence avoid the energy waste in carrying the fluids from the cooling system to heat rejection sytem etc.   4) Convenient. Portable air conditioners are extremely convenient. They come with wheels attached at the bottom, and can be moved about with ease. Some models come with facilities to move across different floors too.  5) Floor Space. Portable air conditioners occupy the least space possible and are known for their compactness.   6) Battery Operated. Portable air conditioners that are battery powered have been developed. This greatly helps maintain the cooling during situations like power shortage etc.  7) Back-Up. Portable air conditioners act as a great backup for existing systems of fixed air conditioners. Since they can be battery operated, they can serve as backup during power shortages too