Tips to protect your heater in summer season


Summer is a great time of year. You and your family go on vacation, hang out at the pool, and generally have a good time in the warm weather. What you may not give a second thought too in the summer is your heater. Who needs a heater with the beautiful and hot summer weather around? But winter is coming, and in a few months, you will need your heater working effectively and efficiently to have a toasty warm winter.

So, what can you do to protect your heater in the summer?

Pay attention to your unit. Visually inspect your unit to make sure everything looks good. Check for any rust, broken parts, or unexpected creatures making a home in your heater. If you find of the items above, fix them immediately. There is no need to put off a repair job until winter when you can get it fixed right now.

Make sure the area around your unit is clear from debris. Any extra leaves, grass clippings, and the like need to be cleared away from the heater. This type of debris can clog fans and motors causing your unit to break.

Do not turn your heater on. Turning your heater on during the summer months can seriously damage your unit. The heat from the air outside that is taken in by the heater to be heated more can cause too much heat. This will cause untold stress on the system causing it to break.

Do not store extra items around the unit. Need somewhere to put your kids’ bicycles or your rakes? Leaning them against the heater system in the summer is not a good idea.

As summer fades into fall, have your heater system serviced by a professional. It is always a good idea as the seasons change to have your until professionally service so that it will be in good working order that first cold night.

Your heating system is on the most important items in your home to maintain comfort for your family. During the summer months it can be easy to take the heater for granted, but when winter comes, you will need it to work properly. By following the tips above during the summer months, you can help ensure your family has a comfortable environment to live in all year long.