4 Ways to stay cool this summer and save on your electricity bill

We all know that staying cool in the Summer is important, but constant air conditioning and use of fans can be expensive, as well as bad for the environment. We will look at a couple of ways you can keep cool during the Summer without breaking the bank.
air conditioningThe first tip to keeping cool without the use of electricity is to stay hydrated. When your warm, your body starts to sweat as a cooling mechanism. This can dehydrate you quickly, making you feel warmer. By drinking plenty of water, your body will have enough water to keep itself cooler. Keep several jugs or bottles of water in the fridge at all times and refill them once they are empty. Colder water will be more refreshing and keeps the temperature of your body lower, while keeping you hydrated as well, all of which help to placate the uncomfortable feeling of being too warm all the time. Lemon or mint leaves in with water makes this more refreshing and helps you feel more fresh.
Another way of keeping cool is to keep your neck and head cool. Place a cold wet cloth or an ice-pack on the back of your neck. The back of the neck is the body’s way of checking the external temperature so by keeping this part of the body cool, you can partly trick your body into thinking that it is cooler than it actually is, creating the illusion of being cool elsewhere in your body.

Though it is not a solution for actually keeping your body temperature down, it can help to get some temporary relief from the heat when it becomes too much. This part of the body should also be kept in the shade as much as possible, as direct sunlight on the back of your neck makes you feel much hotter than you are. Wet your hair or head as much as possible. This will help keep your head and neck cold and the cooling effect created by air moving over wet hair or skin is refreshing. If possible, wear a wet baseball cap or bandana regularly as this retains the moisture.
Wear loose, light coloured, natural fabrics, if you have to wear clothing at all. Natural fabrics breath better than synthetic ones (with the possible exception of some synthetic sport or activity fabrics), light colours reflect more light away than dark colours and thus retain less heat. Loose fabrics help to keep air circulating over your skin, which is cooling.
If electric fans are unavoidable, aim them to the ceiling and stay low to the ground. Warm air sits on top of colder air, as it is less dense. By aiming the fan upwards, you help to cool the warmer air, which sinks to the floor. By sitting low down to the floor, you will naturally keep cooler. To save on electricity, turn off all fans when nobody is present in the room, as fans will not cool the room while you are away, just move warm air around the room.


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Ductless Technology – Understand how this Option Works in the Home


One way to save on your HVAC bills is by having a ductless system in your home. This system allows you to create separate temperature zones in the house so you do not have to heat or cool the whole thing all the time. It is more than having one temperature upstairs and another downstairs, you can have up to five different zones with a ductless system.

duct-cleaningDuctless System Parts

Unlike a normal HVAC system where you have a large heating or cooling unit, or one that does both, and then ducts to carry the air from the unit to the different rooms, a ductless system has a heat exchanger that is placed outside your home and then small wall units inside each room. The units are connected with a pair of refrigerant lines. One line supplies electricity for the heat exchanger and the other line removes water or moisture from the system.

Separate Zones

The best thing about a ductless system is that you can create different temperature zones in your home because each wall unit operates independently of the other. If you like to have the living room at a certain temperature, you can do that and still have the kitchen wall unit turned off because of the heat from the oven. If you have a room that does not get much use, you can keep it at a warmer or cooler temperature to save on fuel. It is also great for keeping bedrooms a bit cooler than the rest of the house.

Save on Loss

If you have a ducted system, the odds are you are losing up to 30 percent of your heated or cooled air due to leaks from gaps and cracks in the ductwork. This can add up to quite a bit of money when it comes time to pay the bill. When you have a ductless system, this loss is eliminated, saving you money on your next bill.

Great for Additions

If you are adding a room or two to your home, you can save on putting in the ducting by adding a ductless system to your existing unit. As time goes on, you can replace your system room by room. If you know about how long your current system will be efficient you can plan the replacement to coincide with the time you would be purchasing a new system entirely but you would have been paying for it over time instead of one large amount.

Ductless HVAC is the latest technology and is better for you wallet and the environment. It will make your carbon footprint smaller. With everything that is going on in this world, taking a bit of responsibility for the planet is a good thing. You want to leave the world a better place than what your parents left you. Using less fossil fuel and natural resources is just one way to give back to the earth we all take from so much. Get a ductless system and be proud of your contribution to saving the planet.


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