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How To Be More Efficient When Cooling Your Home

Our air conditioning systems often get overused during the summer months and at times when the heat outside in unbearable. This can often result in increased energy bills and wear and tear on your air conditioning unit. To insure that your air conditioning unit functions properly, increases lifespan, and increasing the unit’s energy efficiency. The following tips will help you to run your air conditioning unit in a more efficient manner. 

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming an issue on the forefront of everyone’s minds for the sake of the environment as well. Take these tips into consideration and see the difference in both the environment and your bank account.

Use Natural Air When Possible

On days that are somewhat cool in temperature, a good way to save on energy and the life of your air conditioning unit is to utilize the natural air outside. On windy days, it can be nice to open windows and use the breeze from outside to cool your home. Also, you can turn on a fan in your home to help circulate air as well. Keeping the curtains closed in your home during the day when the sunlight is most likely to shine inside the rooms can also help to insulate your home and reduce the amount of work your air conditioning unit puts out.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit In The Shade

When possible, it is a great idea to shade your outside air conditioning unit. You can do this in several different ways. You can shade our air conditioning unit by planting trees or bushes beside the unit to provide shade. You can also build a cover over your unit to provide shade as well, however it is important to check with your technician to determine the appropriate dimensions so as to not negatively affect the air circulation.

Program or Reduce Adjustments To Your Thermostat

Programming your thermostat to predetermined temperatures throughout the day can save on energy usage. Programming your thermostat allows you to set the temperature on a higher setting or turning it off completely during the day. Also, reducing the adjustments made to your thermostat throughout the day can save on energy usage as well. Often times making drastic and frequent adjustments to your thermostat can cause your air conditioning unit to overextend itself, thus using more energy.

Choose Household Activities Wisely

We all know that chores are a daily part of life. However, you might not have thought about the fact that some of these chores can increase the heat in your home or also cause you to become overheated yourself, thus risking the desire to adjust the thermostat. It is best to choose to do daily chores such as laundry or dishwashing in the morning or evening, when the temperatures are cooler than in the middle of the day.

Utilizing these simple steps can increase your air conditioning system’s ability to be more efficient and increasing it’s lifespan in the long run.


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