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Destin Central Air Conditioning Services

A properly functioning air conditioning system is crucial to your home’s overall comfort and safety. Of course, cost is a concern, as is quality of service. This is where Cooling Services, LLC can help. Our team of trained professionals and service technicians are ready to serve all your air conditioning needs, from detecting any potential problems to repairing existing issues. And we do it at the highest level at a price that is competitive and fair to our customers.

Convenient Air Conditioning Maintenance

Proper air conditioning maintenance provides many benefits to the homeowner. It helps ensure your health and safety inside the home. Regular maintenance will prevent any hazardous conditions from developing, prevent any unforeseen and inconvenient breakdown of your air conditioner and reduce harmful bacteria and dust particles in the air. Air conditioning maintenance will also save you money in the long run. A properly running air conditioner will consume less energy and have an increased lifespan.

At Cooling Services, LLC, our highly trained and licensed technicians perform thousands of maintenance checks every year. Your maintenance visit will include the following:

  • Check and record the levels of carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Check air handler, condenser motor and compressor temperatures and performance
  • Check operation of condensation system and evaporator coil
  • Check superheat and sub-cooling readings and operating pressure
  • Check overall unit performance

For more information about air conditioning maintenance with Cooling Services, LLC, please call us at (850) 269-1964.

Fast & Dependable A/C Repair

Though regular maintenance and proper care should ensure peak performance of your air conditioner for many years, sometimes the need for a repair becomes unavoidable. If you find yourself in this position, do not hesitate to contact us. Our highly trained and licensed technicians will set to work on repairing your air conditioner with utmost efficiency and quality, ensuring that your home returns to your desired level of comfort and safety as quickly as possible.

No matter the repair need, our staff can tackle the issue with no problem, whether it means replacing parts like the compressor or coils, replacing any ducting, providing fresh refrigerant or even replacing the entire unit. Our team is here to provide you with excellent service. Many homeowners also like to call in for a service appointment before the summer season hits just to ensure that their air conditioner is set for peak performance before the hot summer months.

For more information about air conditioning repair with Cooling Services, LLC, please call us at (850) 269-1964.

Professional Air Conditioner Installation

If you are in the need for a replacement air conditioner or are looking to have an air conditioner newly installed in your home or business, look no further than Cooling Services, LLC. Our well-trained and licensed staff is ready to serve your air conditioning installation needs with excellent quality of service and competitive prices.

Installing an air conditioner in your home or business provides many benefits, including controllable temperatures and comfort, humidity level reduction and better air quality. In addition, by being able to keep your doors and windows closed, you will also enjoy increased security, a reduction in insects and other nuisances from the outdoors and less external noise pollution. Should you choose to upgrade an older air conditioner and install a more modern model, you will also enjoy quieter operation and more efficient energy usage, which equates to lowered energy costs. With an air conditioner installation from Cooling Services, LLC, you can enjoy all of this with utmost professionalism and quality of service.

For more information about air conditioner installation, please call us at (850) 269-1964.